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  1. HURL submersibles have not just one but two encounters with Great White sharks!
  2. Acidic, metal-rich waters from mines flow into Prince William Sound (10/18/04)
  3. Bacteria Give Coral an Orange Glow (10/04/04)
  4. NURP, DOE, and MMS Coordinate to Fund Methane Hydrate Seafloor Observatory (09/14/04)
  5. CA Market Squid: Research Changing Future Management Actions (08/30/04)
  6. NURP funded researchers probe Aleutian depths (08/02/04)
  7. NASA Turns to NURP and NOAA's Aquarius for Training for Space (07/27/04)
  8. Journey with NURP and NMFS as they investigate deep corals in the Aleutians (07/26/04)
  9. NURP and TOC funded workshop inspires 1st book on Marine Reserves (07/12/04)
  10. NURP and CMDL's "Methane Hydrates and Climate Workshop" was a Success! (06/25/04)
  11. NURP Funded Project Featured on NOAA Website Home Page (05/24/04)
  12. 2004 Aquarius Writing Contest Winners Selected (05/19/04)
  13. NURP funded study yields insight into Cold Seep Habitats (05/01/04)
  14. Hydrates and the Climate Connection (04/27/04)
  15. Humans and Machines in the Sea: Past, Present, and Future (04/05/04)
  16. Current - the Journal of Marine Education - features NOAA's Aquarius (03/22/04)
  17. NURP and the Steamship Portland Documentary (03/05/04)
  18. NIUST Director of Seabed Technology appointed to Methane Hydrate Committee (02/16/04)
  19. The 2004 Aquarius Writing Contest is on... (02/02/04)
  20. New Depth Record for Living Seafloor Micro-algae (01/19/04)
  21. Scientists Record First Undersea Organism to Use Light to Communicate (01/12/04)
  22. Research Contributes to Nassau Grouper Conservation in the Bahamas (01/05/04)


  1. NURP Interns featured in the Washington Post (08/08/03)
  2. National Geographic to Feature NOAA's Aquarius in Sept. 2003 Issue (07/31/03)
  3. Scientists Identify Important Source of Nutrients to Florida's Coral Reefs (07/30/03)
  4. NOAA Funded Research Published in Science (07/22/03)
  5. NURP Comments on NAS Study on the Future Needs in Deep Submergence Science (07/11/03)
  6. Live Web Chat and Video Conference: NASA Mission in NOAA's Aquarius (06/09/03)
  7. Space Station Astronaut Leads Crew of 4 NASA Aquanauts on Aquarius Mission (06/09/03)
  8. Get a Sneak Peak at the Deep-Sea Corals Workshop Summary Report (06/03/03)
  9. NURP and Marine Biotechnology: Catching the Wave of the Future (06/02/03)
  10. Aquarius Undersea Laboratory begins 2003 Mission Year (05/19/03)
  11. Undersea Robot Offers Look at Reefs: An Article from the Charolette Observer (05/14/03)
  12. Joint Research Program Supports Mgmt. in the FL Keys National Marine Sanctuary (05/07/03)
  13. Saving Deep-Sea Coral: A Washington Times Article (04/23/03)
  14. A Success Story -- Interest in Deep-Sea Corals is Growing! (03/25/03)
  15. House Oceans Caucus Luncheon to Highlight Deep-Sea Corals!! (02/25/03)
  16. NOAA Chaired Panel Discusses 10 Year Goals in Wet Diving for Science (02/25/03)
  17. NOAA Chaired Two Panels on Diving and ROVs at Underwater Intervention 2003 (02/06/03)
  18. International Cold Water Corals Workshop is a Success!! (02/03/03)
  19. Oceanography Magazine Features Article on WW II Japanese Midget Sub (01/30/03)
  20. Delta submersible dives in the Cowcod Conservation Areas (01/28/03)
  21. Whale falls, wood, or kelp: A bonanza for life in the deep sea (01/14/03)
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