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HURL submersibles have multiple encounters with Great White sharks!
great white sharkOn October 28, 2002, the Pisces IV submersible was conducting a dive on Penguin Bank, a well known Hawaiian bottomfishing site near the island of Moloka'i, when it had a chance encounter with a Great White Shark, Carcharodon carcharias. On October 4, earlier this year, the Pisces V was conducting precious coral research dives off of Oahu when there was another encounter! (more info)

Hawaiian Bottomfish Play Hide and Seek in Ancient Reefs
orange investigate these fish and their habitats, we have used the Pisces' submersibles to visit twenty-two different sites since 1998 and record the difference between bottom characteristics of locations where bottom fish existed and did not exist (more info).

A Particular Concern: Protecting Deep-Sea Corals
angelfish and coral

Twenty miles off the coast of Florida, stretching from Daytona Beach down to Ft. Pierce, close to the edge of the continental shelf, deep-water coral reefs of Oculina varicosa, or the ivory tree coral, lie 150 to 300 feet beneath the water’s surface (more info).

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